The Idiot's Guide To Marriage

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How Zit?

Well, as you can tell, I've let this blog lapse for awhile.....But hey. Sometimes life is hard, and you have your little speed bumps (ex's legs under car tires) but then you move on. You get the hell up and you move on. And now? It's time to stop moping around, and get back on the marriage train. Time to start whipping this world into shape..Time to warp some of your minds with my advice. Time to torture you with my rants about marriage. So, where shall we begin? Where to begin again....hmmm...

Have we covered the marriage/zit analogy yet?

marital problems are like a festering zit....The longer you let the problems fester, the bigger they get until one day, there is a huge explosion and shit goes flying everywhere. But if you take an antibiotic that prevents zits in the first place, then you won't have to go to the pus place. That icky place where people go, where they wallow in big pits of pus and blood and goobers. And usually don't come out smelling too good. Lots of times, by then its too late. The damage is already done, and even if the zit explodes and you clean up the mess, there's a big pit left in it's place, or at the very least a scar.

We need to prevent those festering zits in the first place. Lets have a little discussion. Lets talk about prevention.
What are some things in a marriage that are "icky" (like my big words?) that need to be prevented

1. Arguments that turn into war zones
2. Money problems/spending problems
3. Nasty habits/addictions
4. Kids/step kids
5. ex's
6. Religious differences
7. Political differences
8. Chores
9. Television
10. Sex
11. Blame
12. Name calling
13. Nagging
14. Inlaws
15. Discipline of kids
16. Hobbies/ or lack of
17. Collections
18. Work or lack thereof
19. Vacations
20. Where to live/relocation/moving

ok that's enough for now....Feel free to add to it, or bring up a subject you'd like to address.

First we'll talk about fighting/arguments that turn into huge wars.

That is the issue, but at the root of it, is a communication breakdown. Because couples are going to have things come up they disagree on. There's no way around that when you have two unique individuals co-habitating under one roof.

So, lets start with an example....We have an issue that needs to be discussed.

how would you approach it?

Well, that depends on your partner and their unique personality. Consider the following: let's call them the 3 T's

Type of issue: How important is this issue....What are the motivations behind the need to settle it. Is it potentially damaging to another person or property? Or is it something that is just a pet peeve. Pick your battles. Let the little things slide, and attack the big issues, the ones that could fester and grow. An example would be you don't like the husband leaving his dirty underwear in the bathroom....Maybe there is a way around this....vs, you don't like your husband staying after work late with just his female secretary. See the difference? Pick you battles.

Time of day: Is your mate really tired after work? Have they spent the day dealing with irrational people? Do they need some time to unwind before you off load stuff onto them? Could it wait until they are in a better mood, or until they are better able to cope with an argument?

Tone of voice: What sort of tone do you use with your spouse. Is it accusatory? Is it inflamed? Is it louder than usual? Is it whiney? What if you approached the issue using a normal timbre, and if you were talking about something pleasant, like say: the sale down at the department store.

So lets re-cap:
don't bombard your mate the second they walk in the door, don't nit pick over stupid little things, and don't use a snotty tone of voice. Other wise you'll put them on the defense immediately and things will escalate. Next thing you know words will be flying through the air like pigs off a cliff during a windstorm.

Next post, we will be talking about I statements and Feelings vs opinions.

ok, your turn...drop some issues on me to talk about?