The Idiot's Guide To Marriage

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Top Ten Reasons To Get Married

From the woman's perspective

  • stability
  • love
  • Body guard
  • Someone you can fart in front of and not get embarrassed
  • Lawn boy
  • Car Mechanic
  • VCR Programmer
  • TV Remote Locator
  • Taste Tester for your cooking
  • Body Warmer

  • From the man's perspective

  • Sex
  • personal slave
  • key locator
  • wallet locator
  • food preparation
  • lunch packer
  • child nurturer
  • phone dialer
  • family birthday reminder
  • schedule coordinator

  • Top Ten Reasons NOT to get married

  • it scares me
  • It bites
  • it ends in tragedy 50% of the time
  • it stinks when you fight
  • mean people suck
  • it bugs me
  • I keep picking passive aggressive men
  • It costs money
  • I think I covered it in less than 10 reasons

  • I started to write this post once before, but never finished it. Then I noticed a lot of people are googling this phrase, top ten reasons, so I'm writing it. There you go

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