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Sunday, February 10, 2008

That Grass.....

You know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side? Well guess is, and you know why? Because you didn't take care of didn't water, fertilize, weed etc, you dumb SONS O BITCHES.

Hey, when’s the last time you flossed your teeth, used mouthwash or washed your asscrack after taking a huge crap? That's what I thought...I think it's called complacency. Either that or just pure laziness, which is pretty much the same thing. That other word is more impressive though.

You know why so many marriages fail? It's not because you fall out of love with your partner, it is because you fall out of love with your own self. You don't take care of you, and it shows. You are slack on hygiene and keeping yourself looking sharp and fit, you don't have interests of your own, you don't date your spouse etcetc.

You get bored and it's your own damn fault. So why do you move onto the other side? Because that green grass over there is soft on the compliments your eyes, and camouflages your skanky teeth. It flatters, fondles and gives affirmation and appreciation. You know why it does that? Because you are actually putting forth an effort to stroke it's pure luxury. The newness of it all makes your pulse throb and your limbs weak. You want to roll around in it; you want to be ON IT. That's wanna be friends with it. kinda slipped a you have a big ole grass stain. Will the stain remover take that out? You're what? You're out of stain remover? so quickly?

Wow...I guess sometimes old dogs never change.

Get a clue peeps....bloom where you're planted or I'll slap you into next week.

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By Blogger who wouda thunk it??, at 5:38 PM  

good LAWD, I've been waiting an eternity for someone to comment on this lovely post..thank you so much, I shall immediately write you into my will

By Blogger doozie, at 12:28 PM  

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